USA Today
’Tricky currents’ greet women of business.

San Francisco Chronicle, Opinion
Marble Ceiling Is Falling

The Christian Science Monitor, Opinion
Accepting a mother’s work in any form

On Balance—Juggling Work and Family

Women and Revolution—What Now?
Will Mean Politics Scare Off Good Women?
Women in Congress—Don’t Sweat the Numbers
Waiting for Michelle
Women of the Tea Party: Who Are You, and What Do You Want?
Gender and the Judge: Sotomayor Encounters a Familiar Bias
It’s Hard to Debate Feminism When You’re Dodging Bullets
The Supreme Court: Why Women Matter
There’s Something About Michelle
Palin—Don’t Underestimate the Babe Factor
Sexism in Politics? Shocking!
Ladies Choice—What Does America Want?
Looking For A Women’s Candidate? Check For Daughters
Don’t Vote Chromosomes: The First Woman Must Be the Right Woman
Gasp! Katie Plays Rough
Where Have All The Good Girls Gone?

History Is on Women’s Side in the Workplace
Thanksgiving Tastes Sweet and Sour to U.S. Women
Even Before Election Day Women Can Count Some Wins
Mothers Make a Beautiful Mark on Public Life
Celebrate Mother-Son Love This Troubled Mothers Day
When Mothers Leave Home
Mothers of Suicide Bombers May Only Defer Grief
2 Palestinians Turned Back from Suicide Missions
This Time, the Brother Is a Sister


The Issue of Gender, Sherith Israel Journal, Vol. 68, # 17
What’s A Hero? How American Men Have Come to Learn the Full Dimensions of Heroism

On Balance—The New Dad—In the House and on TV

A Fathers Instruction Manual Series:
Who Is This Man? If You Think You Know Dad, Think Harder
For You and Dad, Opportunity Is What You Make It
Accepting Dad For Who He Is; And Who He’s Not
Walking The Line Between Devotion And Direction
Understanding How Dad Affects How You Relate to Men at Work and in Your Life
What Do You Really Want?

Meet the Boss
Men Hit Hard When Jobs Disappear
Grandfathers: Stepping into the Lives of Boys
The Incredible Shrinking Man
In Appreciation of FTF (Full-Time Father)

Children and Adolescents

Journal of Infant, Child, and Adolescent Psychotherapy, Vol. 8, #3 & #4
Is There a Connection Between Childhood Trauma and Depression Among Lesbians?

Journal of Infant, Child, and Adolescent Psychotherapy, Vol. 5, #2
The New Family Tree

Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic, Vol. 66, #3
On Pins and Needles: The Invasive Treatment of a Son

Gender & Psychoanalysis, Vol. 6, #1
Moral Reasoning in Sons of Lesbian and Heterosexual Parent Families: The Oedipal Period of Development

San Francisco Examiner
Children can thrive in a two-mother family

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Editorial
Boys Will Be Boys, Regardless

Vineyard Gazette, Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.
Abstinence Education Yields Poor Results

In the Family, The Magazine for Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Their Relations, 5 (4)
Do Boys Need Daddies? The Moral Development of Sons of Lesbians

Mean Girls and Media: The Teenage Fists of Feminism
The Juno Effect—media, teens and pregnancy
Kids and Recession: Sometimes, You Just Have to Laugh
My Daughter is 16. The World Is Crazy. I’m Looking for Ideas


San Francisco Chronicle, Opinion
Changing Attitudes About Families: Is fear of same-sex marriage fear of nontraditional parenting? America’s new family values

In the Family, The Magazine for Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Their Relations, 5 (4)
Six Common Questions Straight People Ask About Two-Parent Lesbian Families

Los Angeles Times, Commentary And Analysis Opinion
Moms Are Enough

San Francisco Chronicle, Opinion
Mother’s Day: Embrace Loss When Kids Fly From Nest

Newsday (All Editions), Viewpoints
Lesbian Moms Can Rear Healthy, Masculine Sons

No Such Thing as An ‘Average’ Family

US News & World Report
Article | Published letter | Letter
Blame Poverty Not Single Mothers

The Atlantic Monthly
Letter to the editor in response to review

The Village Voice
Lesbian Mothers Making Men. The Lesbian Baby Boom Is Also a Baby Boy Boom. How Are These Lads Being Raised?

Lost and Found Series:
Fathers, Daughters and the Obama Girls
Lost and Found: Why Daughters Are Redefining Fathers
Lost and Found: Don’t Give Up on Dad
Lost and Found: Running the Company Dad Built
Daughters, Dads and Domination
Lost and Found: When Dad Gets Too Close
Lost and Found: When Dad Disappears
Lost and Found: When Dad is Damaged
Lost and Found: Mothers, Daughters and Different Worlds

Mom, the Holidays Are a Time to Chill
All Families Don’t Look Alike
Adopting A New Attitude
The New Father/Daughter Dance: Changing Lessons in Power
Mother Blaming Has to Stop
Mothers and Sons: How Close Is Too Close?
When Gay Comes Home
The Buyers’ Market for Role Models
The Family Meal: Why Moments Speak Louder Than Numbers
In Praise Of The People Behind The Numbers
Mothers, Sons And Mysteries
The Gaybe Boom
Of Basters and Bias
Home for the Hell Days
Walk Carefully, Dad. Your Daughter is Watching
What’s so Hard to Understand? A Loving Family Has Everything a Child needs—Loads of Love!
Love and the Unqualified Daughter
Bondage: Can the New Ties Between Father and Daughter Go Too Far?

Mother’s Day Forecast: I’ll Embrace an Empty Nest
Father-Daughter Bond Enjoys a Growth Spurt
Same-Sex Marriage Wars Causing Battle Fatigue
Same-Sex Parents Spring Open Gender Traps

Stay Close to Your Son
Lighten Up this Holiday Season


San Francisco Chronicle, Opinion
Of dogs and men

San Francisco Chronicle, Opinion
What counts most in a candidate?

Houston Chronicle, Outlook
Follow the Leader: Man? Woman? Who Cares?

Akron Beacon Journal, Akron, Ohio
Moving beyond the divisiveness

Nationally Syndicated Article
Papers’ saddening slide into local lite
Clinton's fight gives Democrats better chance to survive GOP attacks
No line for media to cross

San Francisco Chronicle, Opinion
The Long Goodbye

Los Angeles Times, Commentary And Analysis Opinion
Gay or straight, sex is just funny

Chicago Sun Times
Political Mystery: Why am I never in the poll position?

Dog Series:
Let’s Have a Beer and Talk About Michael Vick
Michael Vick Should Work, but Never Again in the NFL
The Dogs of Destruction
Why Can’t Docs Be More Like Dogs?
Dead Dog Waiting
Dogs, Depression and Real Life
Dogs and CEOs
Dogs Don’t Lie
Why Dogs Are Better Than Therapy
Iggy We Hardly Knew Ye
There is Fury in the Canine Nation

The End of Normal Series:
The End of Normal
The End of Normal: Is Trust for Suckers?
The End of Normal: Rice’s Reality—Don’t Fix What You can Pretend Isn’t Broken
The End of Normal: The New Simplicity—Real or Reaction?
The End of Normal: Stress is What You Make it

Here’s to the Technologists
Beauty and the Candidate
Why Are We Still Talking About Sarah?
Gay Marriage’s Big Problem
Next On Bravo…The Woman From Wasilla
Gays, Guts and Reality: What Time Is the Right Time to Keep Obama’s Promises?
Health Care Reform and The Awesome Power of Techno-Confusion
Pirates, Politics and Performance
There’s a New Dog in Town
Obama Everyman: How Much is Too Much?
Now For the Hard Part
The Mystery of the Masters—How Could So Many be So Dumb?
I Approve These Statements
Sorry—I Didn’t Catch the Last Name
Should Obama Have Picked Hillary As His Running Mate?
Women, Listen to Me. John McCain Is Not Your Friend
From Mad Men to McCain
I’ve Heard This Somewhere Before
Joe’s Big Problem
There is Something About Sarah
Big Night for the Republican’s New Alpha Girl. But What Now?
Every country gets the media it wants
China’s Party, America’s Win
Down the Final Stretch—Age versus Race
The High Cost of Low Information
Now Comes The Test
Sexism, Politics and Equal-Opportunity: Media Doesn’t Just Pick On The Girls
Hillary Should Stay in Because She Can
Humbly Submitted: A New Stump Speech for Hillary Clinton
I’m Mad At Everybody—Except My Dogs
Take My Wife, Please: Angst and Ambivalence in the Clinton-Clinton Campaign
America’s Pollsters: I’m Standing By to Take Your Call
Will Hillary Ever Be One of the Cool Kids
Is the Primary Making Me Paranoid?
It’s Not Just What You Say…
Millions For Your Mortification
When Green Gets Sleazy
When Grief Won’t Come
Take My Wife, Please
Improper Construction
When Doctors Don’t Listen
15 Months is Plenty of Time to Damage a Country
Thomas-2 Says Sexism is Alive and Well in the Workplace
The Truth Will Get You Nowhere
Work and Motherhood—still hazy after all these years
Here’s to the Happy Couple—and a 10 Point Bump
Say Goodnight, Karl
Political Science
We Have Met Scooter. And He is Us
Will Paris Die for Our Sins?
Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up?
“The Truth Shall Set You Free”—And Maybe Win a Primary
Lawyers, Guns and Money
Faggots, Macacas and Hos—Oh My!
I’m OK; You’re A Faggot—Why The Days of Easy Political Division Are Fading Fast
The New F-Word. Why the Big Deal? And Why Now?

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